I’m a computer enthusiast from Slovenia. I like to think myself as a rational guy who doesn’t talk much, if there’s nothing meaningful to say. I like to see and understand things from all sides and am therefor often indecisive. Generally I’m a pessimistic realist, however surrounded with real pessimists most of the time I often come out an optimist. I’m well aware that things can happen that would render your little problems insignificant. Finally, I try not to do things I wouldn’t like to be done to me, and expect the same in return.

I’m currently employed as Systems Engineer at Our Space Appliances d.o.o., where I get to fulfill my computer science curiosity. Occasionally this is not enough though, so I’m computer curious in my free time at home, too :)

In the free time that’s left I like to see a good movie or TV series in my home theater, listen to music, play tennis, volleyball and beach volley and hang out with my friends and family. The latter is now conveniently done during the whole day with the help of various IM and social networks :)

I don’t drink coffee or alcohol and don’t smoke. I think people should be able to have fun without the help of these bad habits :)

Here’s some links of social networking sites I’m a member of:

You can reach me on:

  • email: andraz at andraz d0t net
  • live: andraz at andraz d0t net
  • gtalk: andraz d0t kopac at gmail d0t com

Take care,
Andraž Kopač