Windows resize when monitor sleeps

LG-34UM95-frontAfter upgrading my good old dell 2407wfp for a 34 inch ultrawide I came across a problem with application windows positions. Every time the new monitor woke up from sleeping, applications were repositioned to some smaller resolution. I found this solution on R Caloca blog:

So the fix is registry magic!
In this register tree:

there is at least an entry per monitor; I had a DELxxxxxxxxxx and an ACRxxxxxxxxxx one, and under the 00 node, there are two parameters to check out there:, and Stride.

These should match your current monitor.

A little below you should see these entries:

inside, you will also find under the 00 node, and those parameters pointing to the old sizes. Use the values from above, and also change under the remaining 00 node the & entries to match. Log off or restart and voila!

The next step is finding some ideal window manager that could reposition my apps with templates and placeholders. I’m going through this list. Currently Mosaico and MaxTo are close, but not perfect. Any suggestions are welcome :)


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