Could not reconnect all network drives solution

I’ve had this “Could not reconnect all network drives” annoyance for quite some time now, but never found the time to fix it. In short, since my new machine with Windows 7 I get this error almost on every boot for all my persistent network drives. Applications alone are unable to get to data on these drives until user manually clicks on it in Windows Explorer or Total Commander. The (double) click instantly reconnects the drive without any problem. First, a little background…

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Taking unnecessary risk with important data

I was getting to try VMWare ESXi for a while now, but somehow didn’t have the necessary hardware, NIC being the biggest trouble. So I went and bought a brand new Intel network adapter and put it in my primary desktop along with an empty HDD for testing.

I wanted to disconnect my primary drives, just in case… that would be in accordance with me being a coward. However, I was afraid of something else, too. I have Intel Matrix RAID set up (very neat thing), which is software raid. I don’t really trust this controller to pick up the RAID setting after reconnecting my drives. So I figured, I will just have to be careful choosing the right drive to erase.

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